Meet the Cuisine Team

A team of passionate cabinet makers on the Gold Coast…

Meet the Cuisine Team 

A team of passionate cabinet makers on the Gold Coast…


A perfect combination.

Gerry Van De Linde founded Cuisine Kitchens in 1983 partnering with Susie Linscott 12 years ago. Susie makes sure planning, production and scheduling run smoothly while Gerry focuses on sales and larger creative projects liaising with clients turning their ideas into practical designs.

Susie Linscott
Gerry Van De Linde

Office Team

At your service.

Our office team designs, estimates and organises projects ready for the cabinet making team. They are passionate about modern design and most importantly, they make sure our customers receive an extraordinary experience while building or renovating their interior.

Steve Mattin
Cabinet Designer
Shaun Begg
Cabinet Estimator
Doreen Sleep


Who are the artists behind the scene?

At Cuisine we have an exceptional team of cabinet makers. Most of them have been under the Cuisine banner for the past 5 years. They are hard workers and experts at bringing sophisticated and modern kitchens to life.

Paul Capone
Factory Manager
Glenn Boxsell
Cabinet Maker
Sam Brinsdon
Cabinet Maker
Tom Carney
Cabinet Maker

Cabinet makers on the Gold Coast

While the creative side of Cuisine is handled by Gerry and his team of designers, company logistics are handled by Susie Linscott. A fine an example of teamwork as you’ll ever see, Susie and Gerry have well defined areas of responsibility making it easy for clients to know who to talk to about any aspect of their kitchen.

All at Cuisine will touch every job in one way or another. Designers design it, project planners plan it, cabinet makers produce it and installers install it. This holistic approach highlights unity and allows each craftsman to stamp his own expertise on each and every kitchen.