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Imagine…a media unit that not only accommodates your television and DVD player, but also your fireplace, bookshelves and entertainment bar!

Don’t laugh at the mention of a bar in a media unit, because it really is possible. With our 30 years in the business of designing and constructing media units, we’ve got a good idea as to what can be created when it comes to your media unit.

Basically, you’re only limited by your imagine…so think about how an impressive, stand-out media unit can add value and appeal to your home or investment property. Whether you’re after a media unit for simple practicality or a showpiece for your lounge or living area, at Cuisine Kitchens we have the design experience and the expertise to help you make it happen.

At Cuisine Kitchens we will:

  1. Show you what’s really possible: Check out our Gold Coast Showroom to see just some of the many media unit ideas on display. It’s a great place to get those juices of imagination flowing!
  2. Come to you to understand your design needs: One of our design experts will come to your home to take a good look at the space for your media unit.
  3. Create a selection of media unit designs that can work: Based upon the visit and your tastes and requirements, our design team will create a selection of media unit designs for you to choose from. We even include three-dimensional illustrations so you can virtually view the proposed media unit and make an informed decision.
  4. Construct your media unit: Once you’ve decided on the media unit that you would like, our construction team will build your unit and install it in your home.

Media unit design and construction is really that easy, but don’t just take our word for it!

See for yourself just some of our many impressive media unit designs and check out what our customers have to say about working with us. We’ll also work with you to achieve the same fabulous media unit design results, so call us today on 07 5564 8518 to get the process happening!