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At Cuisine Kitchens we draw upon our 30 years of design and building expertise to create your dream kitchen – from initial design right through to final construction!

Make no mistake about it. Whether you’re designing a new kitchen from scratch or renovating your existing kitchen, it can be a daunting process. That’s particularly the case if you have never undertaken a kitchen design or renovation project before.

Thankfully at Cuisine Kitchens, kitchen design and kitchen renovation is all in a day’s work. We have been in the business of designing, building and renovating kitchens since 1983. We understand exactly what is required for a successful kitchen design or renovation project – and we can help you achieve the same great results!

It’s all possible with our simple 6-Step Plan

  1. Visit our Gold Coast showroom: Come and speak to our fully trained staff, who will show you what’s possible!
  2. Take samples home: With the samples we provide you, you can go home and see for yourself how potential finishes and colours will look in your kitchen.
  3. Design expert visit: One of our experts will then visit your home to get a better understanding of your project.
  4. Design creation: Our designers will then create a number of designs that can work for you, and present you with plans for your consideration.
  5. Three-Dimensional illustration of your proposed kitchen: As part of the service, our design team will create a three-dimensional drawing, so you can have a good look at what your kitchen will actually look like.
  6. Construction to completion: Once you are happy with the design, we will then organise all the relevant trades people to make it happen !

Take a look at just some of our many kitchen design and kitchen renovation projects. Feel free as well to check out our client testimonials to see what working with our expert team is like.

You really are just one phone call away from a seamless, stress-free kitchen design and kitchen renovation project, so get in touch today on 07 5564 8518.