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    Gerry van de Linde ( Director )

    Gerry gained a Bachelor of Arts degree at London University having studied Industrial design and Furniture design. If you are building a new house or renovating your existing house, Gerry will be able to assist you with the design of your kitchen and bathrooms. A site visit is an essential part of getting involved in the design process; Gerry will listen to your requirements and work with you to achieve the desired results.

    Susie Linscott ( Director )

    Susie came to Cuisine with a wealth of knowledge in the areas of administration and management. The scheduling of jobs is one of the most complex areas in the business and Susie uses her charm and patience to keep everyone happy. Susie`s product knowledge, skillful use of the colour palette and articulate manner enable clients to select their schemes in a cordial and enjoyable fashion.

    Brett Masters ( Sales/Estimator )

    Brett joined the team back in the Port Macquarie days. He has moved through the company and now looks after the accounts of numerous builders and developers. Brett is highly skilled as an operator of the design and drawing package that cuisine have adopted and he is able to communicate with clients at all levels from sales right through to the finished product. For any project or volume work contact Brett Masters.

    James Millett ( Production Planning )

    James has also been with the team since those early days. James is highly skilled as a production planner and cost co-coordinator. He is passionate about the need to be accurate in the design and manufacture of our products. The ever changing nature of the cabinet making business is a challenge that James has been able to rise up to.

    Paul Capone ( Factory Foreman )

    Paul is the factory manager and deals with the day to day running of the manufacturing plant. Paul is a qualified cabinet maker and as well as being `hands on` in the factory he is able to communicate directly with job supervisors addressing any queries that may arise. Paul is fully conversant with the specialty hardware and fittings that go into the joinery from Cuisine.