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State of the art equipment brings accuracy and top quality results.

Cutting Edge

At Cuisine we have invested in some of the latest technology in the joinery industry. Our production offices are linked to our CNC machinery offering precise and accurate results.

Our experienced staff has a wealth of knowledge of the cabinet making industry and even the most complicated projects can be accommodated in our factory. Because of our advanced technology we are able to cater for one off situations or large volume production runs.

Manufacturing Process

Once the planning has been finalized the production begins. Our highly skilled production planners scrutinize the drawings and transpose the layout into a language that the machines understand. The press of a button and the job appears on the screen of the in the machine shop, automation takes over and our machine operator identifies all the parts with product identification labels.

Once the job is cut the edges are clashed in the appropriate finishing material and it is on to the assembly plant. Each assembler performs a quality control on each and every item there by maintaining the Cuisine High Standard.

Our Manufacture Process