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Gold Coasts Leading Kitchen Design Studio

Latest Trends

A visit to our recently renovated state of the art showroom will reveal some of the latest trends in kitchen design. Our skilled staff will be able to guide you through the myriad of materials that are available to you. We can assist you to interpret the style and design that you wish to employ in creating your dream kitchen.

As well as materials and colours we are able to demonstrate the use of subtle lighting to enhance your creation.

Design Process.

Cuisine Kitchens - Design

Every floor plan and every situation offers a new challenge. Our designers flourish in these challenges. A visit to the site and an in-depth discussion on the design possibilities is the first step in creating the perfect kitchen.

Your choice of appliances will directly relate to the design of the kitchen and our relationship with the suppliers will be of benefit to you.

Our designers will prepare plans based on the discussions, these plans can be viewed at our design studio and any changes can be made to enhance both the aesthetic and ergonomic structure of the project. 

Our Design Process