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The Initial Steps towards a Successful Gold Coast Kitchen Renovation
Monday, September 26, 2016 Susie Linscott

The Initial Steps towards a Successful Gold Coast Kitchen Renovation

Did you know that of all the renovations you can undertake in your home, a kitchen renovation is the one most likely to yield the highest return on investment? That’s the truth according to US Remodelling Magazine, who found that a kitchen renovation could provide you with a 90-94% return on investment. The figures in Australia are pretty close to the mark as well, which is a great motivator for home owners.

To actually see those returns for yourself though, you need to carefully plan your Gold Coast kitchen renovation and ensure you are prepared for the challenges ahead.

First of all...what is the reason for your Gold Coast kitchen renovation?

Are you remodelling a kitchen for an investment property or your own home? If you are renovating a kitchen for a home you live in, do you plan on staying in the house for long or do you intend on selling it within the next year or so?

If your kitchen renovation is for an investment property or a property you want to sell in the near future, the key is it choose a kitchen design that is modern and highly functional. Go for a sought-after kitchen design, because chances are it will appeal to tenants and prospective buyers.

Once you’ve determined the reason behind your kitchen remodelling project…

…It’s time to get to work on your new kitchen design

If you’re designing your own kitchen, this is where the real work starts. On the other hand, if you are going to have a Gold Coast kitchen renovation firm create your design, you will need to undertake some homework in order to provide a brief to them to work from. Here’s what you must do:

  1. Start looking online to get a good idea when it comes to the styles of cabinetry, flooring, appliances, layouts and of course, finishes.
  2. Accurately measure your kitchen space, so you know exactly where the positions are when it comes to existing cupboards, doors, plumbing, electrics and fixtures. You need to do this before you decide on potential new layouts.
  3. Draw the floor plan of your existing kitchen and draw floor plans of the new kitchen layout you have in mind.

Once you have done this, you can get out there and meet and chat with Gold Coast kitchen renovation contractors and designers. You will also be ready to start looking around for your new kitchen appliances and fittings.

If that sounds pretty hard going, there is always the option of hiring a kitchen designer to do the whole thing for you – from initial design right through to the organisation of its instalment. Either way, here at Cuisine Kitchens, we can help you.