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Our Top Space-Saving Ideas for Your Gold Coast Laundry and Wardrobe Design
Saturday, June 18, 2016 Susie Linscott

Our Top Space-Saving Ideas for Your Gold Coast Laundry and Wardrobe Design

When it comes to your laundry and wardrobe, perhaps the most important thing is that they are big on space maximisation. Your laundry needs to make use of as much space as possible to allow for optimum functionality, and your wardrobe needs to provide you with essential space for your clothing, shoes and other belongings.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your laundry or wardrobe, or tear your existing one out to create something completely different…

Here are our top ideas to help you get the most of your laundry space!

  1. Avoid placing your dryer directly on the floor: Dryers take up precious floor space, so install a wall bracket on the wall to accommodate your dryer.
  2. Use the space behind the laundry door if possible: A built in cupboard with sliding door behind your laundry door is a great idea and will free up floor space as well. Great for storing your “to wash”, “to fold” or “to iron” laundry and of course those essential mops and brooms.
  3. Look up and see the potential for cupboard space: Cupboards don’t have to all be at floor level, so perhaps combine lower level cupboards with overhead ones. You can never have too much cupboard space! Floor level cupboards also provide you with valuable bench space as well, which is great when folding clothes!
  4. Choose light colours: Light colours give the illusion of space, so opt for light shades when choosing bench tops, tiles and floors for your laundry.

Laundries are notorious for clutter, so by choosing a layout that allows easy access to all of your cupboards, you will quickly determine what can actually stay in your laundry and what should be thrown away for maximum space saving results.

Space saving also extends to your wardrobe of course!

Organisation really is your best friend in the mission to maximise space in your wardrobe. Thankfully, smart wardrobe design can make staying organised, a whole lot easier. Here are our tips to help you get on your way to an efficient, spacey wardrobe:

  1. De-clutter right now: Go through everything and decide what to keep and what will be donated to charity or thrown in the bin! You don’t need to keep every item of clothing you’ve received since 1982!
  2. Consider the seasons: Pack the out-of-season clothing into space saving bags and ensure you have top shelves to store these away in. This ensures your primary wardrobe space holds only the clothing you’re likely to use right now.
  3. When it comes to shoes, go vertical: Vertical shoe racks are a great inclusion in any wardrobe design, because we all know just how much floor space in a wardrobe shoes can take up. Keep the commonly worn shoes out and store the others vertically.
  4. Place suitcases inside each other: Suitcases and travel bags take up so much space in a wardrobe, so simply place them inside each other. It’s always a winner, particularly if you have nowhere else aside from the wardrobe to store your suitcases.

Of course, these are just simple hints that will help you make the most out of your laundry and wardrobe space. For more ideas and expert advice on all aspects of your laundry and wardrobe design, don’t hesitate to call us here at Cuisine Kitchens on (insert). We design kitchens, laundries and wardrobes and service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay.