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Add Style, Functionality and Value to your Home with a Custom Media Unit
Friday, May 27, 2016 Susie Linscott

Add Style, Functionality and Value to your Home with a Custom Media Unit

Have you been thinking of ways to really add to the character and experience of your living area? Do you have a lounge room that is missing something to make it a more appealing room to be in? If that sounds like you, it may be time to consider your own media unit.

A media unit goes beyond those run-of-the-mill cabinets and low lines that you see when you visit your local furniture store. A custom media unit design will take into consideration absolutely everything you want for your entertaining space, and it can be as multi-functional as you like.

Here’s what’s possible with a Gold Coast Media Unit Design!

By chatting with a media unit designer or browsing home improvement magazines and websites, you’ll get a great idea when it comes to what really is possible with your media unit. Here are some of our top media unit design ideas to help you when it comes to your Gold Coast media unit design project:

  1. Simple, functional media unit design: Incorporate all of today’s modern, streamlined trends to accommodate your LCD wall mounted television and your collection of DVD’s. House your Playstation or Xbox, as well as your surround sound system – showing as much or as little as you like. Shelving can also be designed to display your favourite ceramic ornaments, books and paintings.
  2. Add a touch of warmth to your media unit…with a fireplace: It really is possible and despite the relatively moderate winters we experience on the Gold Coast, some home owners are embracing the trend of incorporating a gas fireplace into their media unit design. These media units don’t just look great, but they make for a pleasurable winter evening of entertainment.
  3. The family friendly media unit: For a super functional media space that provides the kids with the opportunity for easy access to their toys and books, consider a media unit design that thinks of them as well. A plethora of colour choices abounds, and if you choose to add to an existing nursery or play room with a media unit, you really can go to town. Alternatively, if you wish to incorporate the needs of your kids into a common family room media unit, you can decide on a custom design that ticks all the boxes – functional, family friendly, child-safe, yet not too “kids-only” if you understand what we mean!
  4. Classical media unit concepts: You may prefer to create a media unit that looks every part like a media cabinet, complete with shelving and closed cupboard space. Choose a rustic timber look for a country house feeling or opt for a modern, simplistic design with sleek streamlining.
  5. Go all out with an entertaining media unit fit for a king: If entertaining is what you really love to do, why not create a really incredible experience by incorporating a bar into your media unit? Believe it or not, it can and has been done many times over. Forget clutter and designs that will take up precious floor space. Today’s media unit designs really allow you to have it all – a place to display your wall mounted television, accommodate all of your CD’s, DVD’s, associated entertainment systems and even your bar fridge, sink, glasses and wine rack!

Basically your media unit can be whatever you want it to be, and with expert custom designers like those here at Cuisine Kitchens, we really can bring to life any idea you have! Add that extra something special to your home today…and call us to discuss the possibilities!